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Customer sucess story


Company overview

Chain of restaurants and pubs

  • Smeltehuset
  • Vertshuset
  • Fjoren
  • Revenue

    NOK 22,9 M in revenue (2018)


    80 employees


    Tracking hours on paper

    A lot of time was spent writing and manually processing information about working hours

    Large amount of hours tracked

    5000+ hours in a busy month

    Collective agreement management

    Many different collective agreements about hours and add-ons with varying rules and rates

    Resource planning

    Shift planning was done in excel and changes was getting lost over time

    Shift change checklists

    Each shift must execute a series of tasks before passing the work over to the next shift

    Salary work

    A lot of hours were spent by accounting in order to process salaries

    Implemented solutions

    Visual Registration

    Visual Registration

    Fully digitalised hour tracking

  • No more paper
  • Apps for Web, Android and iOS
  • Automatic management of all collective agreement rules
  • Online checklists
  • Fast salary system integration using exports
  • Implementation process

    Visual Registration

    Sign up

    The customer signed up on the system website


    Weekly meetings with customer to implement all agreements and rules.Hands-on training about resource planning


    The customer invited all employees to the system. Users received an invitation through e-mail, and filled up their information.


    Every week during user training, feedback was collected in order to improve the system. New modules were highly influenced by feedback

    Results and outcomes

    See some the benefits Smeltehuset got from our services


    Automated registration. Automatic rules for agreements.

    Simplified salary process

    Fast information collection for salary purposes. No more calling in order to collect the data.

    Reduced processing time

    80 hours/month saved in costs

    Historical overview

    Better decisions about resource allocation based on data


    System was able to manage 5000+ hours without interruptions

    Full attendance overview

    Always know who is in or out

    Easy Planning

    Simplified process of changing plans

    Simplified shift change

    Shift checklists made it easier to implement a better workplace dynamic

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