Customer sucess story




Titanium slag and high purity iron producer


NOK 1323M in revenue (2018)


210 employees


Data organisation

Data was spread across excel sheets, making it difficult to query and generate reports.

Validation and rules on data input

Excel sheets are complicated to deal with when you need to validate data input

Data search and query

Lack of simple reports for data visualisation and input for the operators

Complete business system

Development of an integrated business system where users can access all company information in one place

Time Tracking

Tracking hours of employees and contractors

Implemented solutions

Digitalisation Planning


Regularly scheduled meetings to map data sources and needs within in the company


Development of a plan to implement a full digitalisation strategy


Separation of the plan in clear and small manageable steps


Realistic project goals with instant and measurable gains

Custom development

Data integration

  • Custom data integration to other databases, like IP21
  • Simplification of data input/output through custom APIs​
  • Visual Tracking

  • Data input and visualisation platform
  • Monitor reduced production and production stops
  • Interactive digital shift report, with instant reports
  • Responisve modern interfaces, adaptable to mobile, tablet, desktop and control room screens​
  • Visual Management

  • Integrated portal to connect new and existing systems
  • A single point for accessing all information
  • Visual Tracking

    Implementation process

    Scrum based development

    2 week deliveries

    Component-based development

    Development of reusable components, allowing fast development of new reports and functionality at a minimal cost

    Rapid deliveries with continuous feedback

    The rapid development cycle brings incremental features to the customer, allowing for quick adjustments on customer feedback

    Visual Registration

    Implementation process

    Sign up

    The customer signed up on the system website


    Weekly meetings with customer to implement all agreements and rules.Hands-on training about resource planning


    The customer invited all employees to the system. Users received an invitation through e-mail, and filled up their information.


    Every week during user training, feedback was collected in order to improve the system. New modules were highly influenced by feedback

    Results and outcomes

    See some of the benefits Tizir got from our services

    Fast data visualisation and input

    Brand new easy to use systems, with important data consolidated in a single place.

    Data organization

    Data organised in APIs, gives easy access to data within Visual Tracking, in addition to making it extensible to other visualization tools, like PowerBI

    Better application of all systems

    Better application of all systems

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