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One of the few turn-key suppliers of manufacturing in Norway - Planning, production, assembly and testing


NOK 57M in revenue (2019)


50 employees (2019)


Simplify use of complex software

Many different ERP screens in order to find critical data

Unify company data

Join all company data (3D Models, CNC Programs, Documents, Files, ERP Tables, Pictures) in one easy-to-find system

Full item traceability

Trace production history of 8.000+ items, including as-planned and as-built reports, progress, deliveries, documents, customer requirements and drawing revisions

High documentation and quality requirements

Work automation

Lot’s of repetitive tasks during usage of ERP system

Precise quoting

Access to detailed production history in order to precisely quote based on lessons learned

Project accounting for hours

Time tracking separated by specific project and task

Implemented solutions

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Visual Tracking

  • Data input and visualisation platform

  • Simplified interface instead of using many ERP screens

  • ERP integration to speed up tasks and data attachments

  • Customisable report templates and inputs

  • Full item tracking with data from project department, production department, customers and suppliers

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Visual Document

  • Document system integrated with Visual Tracking

  • Full document collaboration and categorisation using tags

  • Rich search engine to find content fast

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Visual Management

  • Integrated portal for all systems and solutions

  • Single point for accessing all information

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Visual Registration

  • Use of VRS to control who is inside/outside the building

  • Registration of hours in projects/tasks by all employees

  • Automation of hour types and add-ons according to rules

  • Plan teams by shifts in advance

Data Integration

  • Connection Between Visual Registration and Dynamics NAV ERP

  • Connection between Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Project

  • Simplification of data input/output in custom APIs

  • Enabling many fast data flows and real-time reporting inside of the company

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Visual Tracking

Implementation process

Scrum Based Development

1 week delivery

Feedback meetings weekly

Continuous feedback over current and new features to be developed


Fast process and feedback process that brings benefits faster

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Visual Document

Implementation process

Import of documents from old systems

During this phase documents from old systems and file server were migrated to Visual Document

Integration with VTS

After the import VTS was used as a search and categorising tool for the documents stored in Visual Document

Gradual migration from the file server

The migration process from the normal file server is gradual and continuous. This ensures a 100% correct data storage solution

FTP server implementation

In order to exchange data with the machines in the workshop, Visual Document can act as a FTP server and provide full integration from office to workshop

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Visual Registration

Implementation process


Company registered itself on Visual Registration and started adding users.

Focus group

During a first period, tests were made using a focus group where they could give fast feedback to features and fixes.

Close Follow Up

After full deployment, the support team helped the implementation following up closely all employees in the company

“Visual Registration System is a great tool! Simple for users and detailed for the project managers”
Ingvald Torblå Avatar
Ingvald Torblå
CEO, Odda Technology

Results and outcomes

See some of the benefits Odda Technology got from our services

Data Visualisation

Fast data visualisation and input in easy to use systems

Full item tracking

Correlating data from many types of sources

Cost savings in quality control process

Data organised in APIs

Easy Access to Data within the system and other tools, like PowerBI

Full paperless production

Better application of all systems

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